What if you could turn optimism into your secret weapon?

As an irrepressible optimist with a passion for the impossible, I know it’s possible…

Need to motivate your team to do more than they ever thought possible?

Wish you could give them the positive messaging that makes all the difference?

Today is the perfect time to be alive

It’s true! Despite everything that’s going on and the pressures we all put too much focus on, today is the only time in history that offers so many unique opportunities to thrive, not just survive. How do I know? Here’s a little bit more about me:


-  I dropped out of high school, ended up losing it all and was homeless for two years

-  I believed in myself and knew that something out there would change for the better

- I’m now an award-winning speaker, author and entrepreneur with a powerful voice 

Why does this matter?

I’m not writing this to boast or to try and boost my profile; I’m writing it so that you can see the power of optimism and positive thinking. Just imagine if your team, your staff and everyone involved with your business or organization could think in this exact same way.

You’d be able to enhance productivity, sell more and boost profits all at the same time. And you’d all enjoy your work so much more that the days would fly by without you even realizing it:

  -  Do More than your competitors without even trying

Achieve More than anyone said you could

-  Be More than you ever thought possible

Put all of this together and you have the recipe for a future that couldn’t possibly get any brighter.

Ready to make it happen?

As an engaging and uplifting speaker who practices what I preach, I can lend you my voice so that it lifts your whole team.

All we have to do is connect and start the conversation…

New Book Now Available!

From the Foreword: “What if we came to embrace a new paradigm that posits, ‘The longer I live, the better I become at living?’ What might open up in the quality of our lives if we abandoned the false notion that a calendar has any power to determine the health of our bodies, the sweetness of our relationships, the height of our achievement, the limit of our financial potential, or the extent of our legacy?”— Kevin Kitrell Ross, Senior Minister of Unity of Sacramento

“Coach Michael Taylor’s I’m Not Okay With Gray: How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50 is a gem of a book, a treasure trove for those who want to thrive and live a happy life at any age past 50.”

Maria Victoria Beltran (book reviewer)

5 Keys To Turn Adversities Into


5 Keys To Turn

Adversities Into Allies

If you're dealing with any of life's adversities right now and are looking for ways to overcome them, gain access to my powerful FREE Masterclass video and E-Book titled 5 Keys To Turn Adversities Into Allies.

Coach Michael Taylor has won numerous awards for his dynamic speaking style and here are the top 5 reasons to hire him for your next event.

Live clip from his motivational presentation 5 Keys To Turn Adversities Into Allies.

Coach Michael Taylor is featured in this bestselling book with legendary speakers Les Brown & Brian Tracy.

Signature Keynote Speeches

The Good News Is...

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The top 10 reasons why the future is brighter than most people think.

  • Why race relations are getting better not worse in society and why diversity is the key to ensuring America maintains its position as the greatest country in the world.

  • Why technology will improve the quality of people’s lives and create more jobs for the future.

Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The five keys to turning any adversity into an ally that supports you in your transformation and growth.

  • Why the key to dealing with any adversity is a positive mindset and attitude.

  • How to use adversity as a stepping-stone to live the life of your dreams.

Shattering Black Male Stereotype

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The 10 most destructive media generated illusions about black men.

  • Why it’s important for companies to have conversations about diversity and inclusion.

  • Why black men should be optimistic about the future.

The New Face Of Entrepreneurship

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur.

  • The 3 types of compensation every entrepreneur should receive in order to build a company that makes a difference and a profit.

  • 5 reasons every entrepreneur should be excited to start a business that changes the world.

Coach Michael Taylor Featured In The News!

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his new book: The Good News Is... The Future Is Brighter Than You Think.

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his book: Shattering Black Male Stereotypes.

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his 

Shatter The Stereotypes Summit

 to empower black men.

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his book: 

A New Conversation With Men

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his book: 

Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally.

Coach Michael Taylor discusses the changing roles of manhood and masculinity.

Coach Michael Taylor has a mind as deep as the cosmos and he is using it to help make the world a better place.

Brandon Peele

- author of Planet on Purpose

Coach Michael Taylor has a way of inspiring and motivating individuals to reach deep within themselves and discover the greatness that is within.

Arthur J. Johnson

- CEO & Thought Leader

Coach Michael Taylor is a dynamic inspiring and powerful speaker and man on purpose.

Vanessa Petronelli

- Spiritual Teacher

Not only is he a powerful dynamic speaker but his willingness to speak so openly about emotional issues for men was truly heartwarming.

Anita Charlot

- Women's Coach & Speaker

Coach Michael Taylor delivers with conviction, style, voracity at times and a heart. Let him light up your team!

"Tom Kelley

- Podcaster, Workshop Faciliator

Coach  Michael Taylor Blog

The Good News Is   …  The Future Is Brighter Than You Think

There are a lot more things than are right with the world than are wrong with it. Now more than ever people need reasons for hope and optimism.

Shatter The Stereotypes

Back in 1995 I was in a restaurant when I overheard a conversation between two very intelligent, well dressed, well spoken, professional black men. 

The Real Reason  America Is No Longer A Racist Country

Despite current racial tension, this blog explains why America is no longer a racist country.

The Cure For The Epidemic Of Loneliness In Men

Men lead the nation in suicides, addictions, and senseless acts of violence. What can be done to support men in dealing with these challenges?