The New Face Of Entrepreneurship


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This book is written for anyone who has thought about or wants to become an entrepreneur. Unlike most business books, this one does not focus on the mechanics of starting or running a business, instead it focuses on the most important aspect of a business which is the entrepreneur. This book explains why an entrepreneur is the Soul of any business so therefore the entrepreneur must ensure that they are the best entrepreneurs they can possibly be. It takes a creative and philosophical approach to starting and running a business and suggests that starting a business is actually a form of spiritual practice in which an entrepreneur expresses his/her creativity and their deepest passions and desires.

Filled with both practical and scientific advice, this book is a high octane motivational tool that provides an entrepreneur with the fuel of wisdom and insights that empowers them to reach their full potential while building the company of their dreams.

The intention of the book is to inspire entrepreneurs to build businees that are committed to making a positive impact on the world while making a handsome profit. It is a book that belongs on every bookshelf of those who are committed to building companies that change the world.

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The New Face Of Entrepreneurship

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