What Is “Toxic” Masculinity?

Over the past year or so there has been a lot of media attention on sexual assault and men behaving badly. As an author of several books dealing with masculinity, I wanted to share my views on the current state of masculinity and where I believe it’s headed. The current buzzword in the media is “toxic masculinity”. Unfortunately, I believe this culturally generated label is the product of a lack of understanding of men’s behavior. Recently, Gillette, who produce shaving razors for men, released a video in which they challenged men to hold themselves accountable in how they treat women


Your Soul’s GPS System

Every human being is endowed with a gift that can guide them through life and support them in creating an extraordinary one. That gift is our intuition and when we learn to tune in to, listen to and follow it our intuition can guide us to live the life of our dreams. Unfortunately few people learn to utilize this gift and that is the reason so few people live rewarding and fulfilling lives. If you’re interested in tapping into your inner wisdom and use it as a guidance system to build the life you know deep down inside you deserve


The Gift Of Adversity

Adversity can be defined as an instance of serious difficulty or misfortune. So I would like you to take a moment and think about some adversities you may have experienced in your own life. Have you ever experienced divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, depression, heartbreak, addictions or loneliness? Have you ever been fired from a job, been betrayed by a friend, been frustrated with your country or just felt lost and confused? Have you ever been short of cash, had a fight with your loved one or been taken advantage of? If the answer is yes then you’ve experienced adversity in your


Embrace Optimism

Contrary to mainstream media it is my fervent belief that there has never been a better time to be alive on this planet than right now. I happen to be an irrepressible optimist with a passion for the impossible and my intention is to challenge you to embrace an optimistic point of view for your life and the world around you. With the constant bombardment of negative media generated stories it should come as no surprise that most people believe the world is on a path of destruction. We are constantly fed stories about racism, hatred, violence, political corruption and


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Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally

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